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CIMS® Risk Management Information System

In cooperation with its sister company, Acacia Technology & Management, Inc., Personalized Programming assisted in the development and deployment in 1998 of the industry leading web-based Risk Management Information System known as CIMS®.  It is the only commercially available web-based Insurance Wrap-up Risk Management Information System.  

CIMS® is licensed to insurance brokers and general contractors to assist them in administering owner-controlled and/or contractor-controlled wrap-up programs.  The application contains more than 20 standard reports, and also generates customized correspondence.  A unique feature of CIMS® is the ability to import loss data supplied by insurance carriers so that reports may be generated that give an accurate picture of project results based on the relationship of any item of project data to any other item of project data.  This feature also allows for the tracking of contractor performance on individual contracts rather than the normal practice of reporting all losses for each contractor without regard to the specific contract being performed.  Another unique feature is the ability to generate the OCIP or CCIP insurance certificate at the time of enrollment as well as the ability to generate renewal certificates in bulk at the time of the annual policy renewal. Wrap-up projects that are geographically dispersed may be administered by a centrally located wrap-up administrative team.  Annual licenses for high volume clients provide the greatest cost savings to clients over  per-project licenses.


We specialize in designing, devel-oping, deploying and supporting web-based relat-ional database software solut-ions.  We have created relational database soft-ware solutions since 1987.

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