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Personalized Programming develops quality customized software solutions that meet the demanding mission critical needs of the client.  Personalized Programming does not create off-the-shelf software; each software development project is unique to the needs of the client.  Our software solutions development process involves the following steps:
  • Assist the client in creating the specifications for the software solution

  • Refine the specifications into a proposed scope of services for the project

  • Present a written Project Cost Proposal to the prospective client

  • Modify the Project Cost Proposal to meet the client's requirements

  • Present the client with a Project Master Agreement and modify as necessary

  • Produce the Project Deliverables Schedule

  • Create, deliver and receive approval of Project Software Sample Screens

  • Deliver beta version of software solution to client

  • Train client beta testing staff on the use of the software solution

  • Receive beta user feedback and modify the software solution as needed

  • Deliver final software solution to the client and train additional client staff

  • Provide software solution user support as required

  • Modify software solution to meet client's changing business needs

We specialize in designing, devel-oping, deploying and supporting web-based relat-ional database software solut-ions.  We have created relational database soft-ware solutions since 1987.

We will assist you in the develop- ment of the spec-ifications for your customized soft-ware.  We will pro-vide you with a cost estimate and will work with your staff at every step of the process.
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